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Thank you Brooklyn Aikikai

Not only did Brooklyn Aikikai host an amazing Sesshin (three-day intensive Zazen meditation retreat) this weekend with the Rev. Komyo Seido from Canada, but they also presented Athens Aikido with a cheque for 3,650 euros towards the renovation of our new dojo. So we are in the fortunate position to be kicking off our fundraiser on June 1st with just over 6,000 euros of the required amount. We can get the windows ordered and make a start on the plumbing!

It was a hot muggy weekend here in Brooklyn with torrential rain storms making for some sweat drenched time on the cushion, but being at Brooklyn Aikikai after two years enforced break due to the pandemic, felt like returning home.

This is a wonderful place of practice and I hope all those truly interested in deep work on the mat make a stop here.

Thank you Brooklyn Aikikai!!!


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