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Light will shine, water will flow...

King Minoas blessed our seminar here in Crete with, not only amazing deep training, but good company, breathtaking nature and a donation of 680 euros to our new Athenian dojo space. A handful of dedicated practitioners gathered in Heraklion for a four-day intensive study of T.K Chiba Sensei's four pillars of practice, Aikido, weapons, Iaido and Zazen under the instruction of Didier Boyet Shihan and Toko J. Flower Sensei. We were fortunate to have the ideal training space at Human Chess and organiser, Eliza Tsitoura, treated us to a complete Cretan experience.

As we enter week three of our fundraiser we are close to reaching 12,000 euros in donations from across the world. We are thrilled to have raised enough to cover the costs of the plumbing works and the electrics. As the property is semi-basement and sits at the base of Immitos Mountain when the rains come the water flows downward in the direction of our new space, so all measures must be taken to keep the water out.

July should see the start of the construction project as we connect electricity and get started on the plumbing. Please keep following along, your support is the engine that keeps this project alive. Thank you!


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