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Hammer to brush strokes

From hammers to the fine lines of an artist's paintbrush, it's all in the mix. Had a very creative meeting with two artists Panagiotis Koulouras (represented by Eleftheria Tseliou Gallery) and choreographer Maria Koliopoulou. We met at Mr Koulouras' studio here in Holargos to select a work that he will kindly contribute to the fundraising effort for the works on the new Dojo. The fundraiser is set to launch any day now and those donating 100 euros can look forward to a unique hand painted card from the artist on high quality handcrafted paper. There is nothing more creative than people coming together and throwing their hearts into a project. As the door opens on this new chapter the quality of the individuals in this group and their willingness to give of their time and work is overwhelming. It is a real tribute to the depth of this Art we practice together.


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