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Greek traditions support Japanese Arts

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

As we enter week three of our six-week fundraiser the donations and support continue to arrive from far and wide and here at home we enjoy the support of the creative brothers Panos and Thanos and their family business, Ladolea.

Many people who have passed through Athens Aikido have enjoyed the organic extra virgin olive oil they produce and now, for the specific purpose of our fundraiser, they are creating a limited edition of hand-crafted pots carrying the Athens Aikido logo - Soku Ten Kan, the original name given to our dojo by Chiba Sensei. Supporters donating 500 euros or more can look forward to receiving one of these special pots with this-year's top quality extra virgin olive oil.

We are honoured to have this collaboration and are looking forward to seeing the Athens Aikido/Ladolea pots fired up! We will be sure to make a few available to order.

Thank you to everyone for joining us on this journey!


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