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Blown away...

It can' be....!?!? It is only day four since the start of our fundraiser and we have almost raised one third of the total needed to renovate our new dojo space. The outstanding response and generosity from people all over the world has just left us speechless. This amazing response has far exceeded any hopes and expectations we may have had and it feels as if it may actually be possible for us to raise the necessary funds to complete our new home!

The final 500 euros of our current total is the proud work of the Athens Aikido Childrens' group, who got together this morning in 35 C heat to sweat it out in a sponsored event. Through sponsored challenges of their own making they raised money through each roll and each technique to raise our total to the proud sum of 9,546 euros. Congratulations to them!

It is with great optimism and a full heart that we look forward to our teacher, Chiba Sensei's 7-year memorial service tomorrow as the support and encouragement we continue to receive for this project from the world over is a forceful reminder that Aiki-spirit is alive and strong!!!

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated so far and to those of you following along and sending your good energy this way!


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