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Kenshusei + Uchideshi Program

Athens Aikido offers both Kenshusei and Uchideshi programs for those interested in training to become teachers within the Birankai system, or simply interested in enriching their training working in a more intensive program.  Students enrolling in these programs can expect a more intensive training experience.

Both programs require the following prerequisites:

• Minimum rank of 3rd kyu (prior to this rank individuals may participate in the program but are not officially enrolled until reaching this level).
• Letter of recommendation if coming from another dojo.
• Letter of introduction written by the applicant including a CV, history of Aikido training and reasons for joining the program.

The Kenshusei program requires additionally:

• Train a minimum of 15 hours a week

• Train in the disciplines of Aikido, weapons, Zazen and Iaido

• Attend all local seminars within the organisation

• Take initiative and participate fully in the upkeep of the dojo.

The Uchideshi program includes ALL the requirements above AND:

• Participants are required to attend all the hours of the dojo program.

• Uchideshi are live-in students and are required to be in the dojo from Sunday night to the end of classes on Saturday. Saturday night and Sunday are free time barring local seminars.

• Uchideshi are considered responsible for upkeep of the dojo.

Training at this level is stricter, more demanding and encourages students to breakthrough their limits.

Such training is challenging and students must approach these programs with the correct mental attitude.


Please contact us for further information or to make an application.

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