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Dojo Fundraiser

Live NOW through July 16th

  • Athens Aikido has found a permanent home.

  • 120m2 semi-basement  - beautiful- but  needs a lot of work! And we need your help. 

  • This project started from zero and we are 68% of the way there - but we are short 30,000 euros to fix it up. 

  • Please consider making a donation  to help us complete the final steps! 

How to Donate
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up to €50

Receive a hand-painted e-card in your in-box by artist P. Koulouras



We will send you a unique hand-painted card on high quality rice paper by artist

P. Koulouras

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Ladolea extra virgin olive oil in limited edition  ceramic pot designed specifically for the Athens Aikido fundraiser

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Receive your very own Athens Aikido all  purpose back pack /tote 


Just Donate!

That's great! Every donation counts, no matter how big or small. Thank you for your help!

Funds via PayPal will be temporarily channeled through the fundraising organizer's personal account until the dojo bank account is fully linked.  If you have any questions, please email us at:  All relevant gifts and thank yous will be shipped at the close of the fundraising period. 

€12,312 out of €30,000 raised!

Check back regularly! Daily updates before 12am EEST


Fundraiser Goal

Windows: 71%

4,312€ out of 6,000€