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Tear down the walls.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Today marks the first day of works on our new home. Twelve dedicated members showed up armed with hammers and leather buckets to do the initial clearing of the space. In less than four hours the old wall to the bathroom had been knocked out and the chipboard of a fake dividing wall was cut up and disposed of in the awaiting skip.

Looks like the block above the space is home to a few characters, the lady in the apartment immediately above called out that they had given sweat and tears to build this block that we were happily destroying. Yesterday when I passed by after practice to drop off a couple of shovels to clear the debris I was greeted with shouts from the third floor asking if I had killed the woman! I guess she assumed that the shovels were going down to the semi-basement to hide the evidence.

Going to be a colourful journey!


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